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Perfume Review: La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

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“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

Whenever I read these words by Christian Dior, I can only think of one perfume: La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. It is one of those fragrances in my not-so-huge-but-nice-collection that is very close to my heart for various reasons. I was introduced to this Lancôme perfume by a dear friend, and when I smelled it for the first time, I understood what it is like to meet your perfume soulmate. This iconic fragrance made its way to my collection at a very special time. It was the perfume I wore on my wedding day, and even today, when I wear it, I only think of the day I got married. La Vie Est Belle in French means Life is Beautiful, and not to exaggerate, but no matter how shitty my day is, wearing this scent makes me feel like life is indeed beautiful. My friend and I loved this fragrance so much and believed in the fact that despite all odds, life is beautiful with each other and otherwise. We got a tattoo to celebrate our bond and mutual love for this perfume by inking it on our wrists forever. It is a constant reminder to both of us that even in hard times there is a hope for life to be beautiful.



La Vie Est Belle was launched by Lancôme in 2012, and as the brand suggests, they crafted this scent with the idea of beauty in simplicity, freedom from conventions and the choice to envisage one’s happiness. It is inspired by the idea of finding joy and pleasure in the small things of life. This perfume was developed by master perfumers over three years and 5000 trial and errors to craft the perfect blend. The perfume opens with fruity top notes of black currant and pear, which fade into the heart notes of orange blossom and jasmine. The last notes that linger are warm and gourmand with a powdery accord of patchouli, vanilla, and praline. La vie belle is super long lasting and has a heavy sillage, which can be noticed from a few feet away. Five to six sprits of this perfume on your pulse points stay put on your skin even during the hot and humid summers of Mumbai and don’t need re-application through the day. This perfume comes in EDP concentration and is ideal for evening wear.


Rating: 5/5 (Secretly wishing I could give it a 10/5)


Though I got this one from the Shoppers Stop store, where Lancôme has its full range, you can also buy it online here.

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Perfumes & Me

My first encounter with perfumes must have been when I was 10 years old. I used to raid my cousin’s closet and spray every perfume he owned and feel like a million bucks. However, I’m sure every time I spritzed a dozen fragrances on me, I smelled like the perfume section of a departmental store. Each time I visited him, I ended up being curious about the new additions to his collection that I can try on myself all at once and give everyone around a bad headache. He was sweet enough to never stop me, and probably found my fascination for fragrances a little amusing. I would be have been in my early teens when he gifted a beautiful perfume ‘The Blue Lady’ by Rasasi for my birthday. Honestly, it was one of those presents that you cherish for years. I used to love the smell of because it was a lot more feminine as compared to my cousin’s manly collection.

That one little bottle of Blue Lady forever left a trail of curiosity and interest for perfumes in my heart. Ever since then, I started putting together my own collection, which is a mix of self-bought and gifted perfumes. I had a couple of branded ones like Versace Bright Crystal and Guess for Women until I turned 20, all thanks to my lovely cousin. But it was after I started working and buying perfumes for myself is when my inquisitiveness peaked the most. I started reading a lot about the fragrance industry, how scents are made, what perfume notes are, how to distinguish between them and how each fragrance is composed differently.

Reading a decent amount of literature on perfumes and educating myself was a way to subdue my curio. The real reason for my perfume fetish was the way they made me feel. Every time I was down, I have made sure to get up, scent-up and show up. Different perfumes have made me feel differently. Some have a fresh scent that immediately lifts my mood, while some have a beautiful seductive aroma that makes me feel sensual. Nevertheless, every perfume I have worn has made me feel one thing: Confident. The power that a fragrance has had over my senses and what it has done to my mind, body, and soul is endless.

This crazy obsession of mine has finally led me to start writing about perfumes, which I don’t know why I didn’t for so long. I am no professional perfumer or critic, but with this blog, if I can get even one person hooked to the high of perfumes, I’ll consider it an achievement.